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Connected Cooking

What is Connected Cooking?

ConnectedCooking is the world’s most state-of-the-art cloud-based networking solution for professional kitchens.

Whether you own one RATIONAL unit or several, ConnectedCooking opens up a wealth of new and convenient possibilities. All you have to do is connect your RATIONAL unit to a network.



Get update messages on everything happening with your units.

Any time a unit is ready to load, finishes a cooking process, or needs service, you’ll receive real-time information no matter where you are.

Remote Access

The Remote Access feature lets you control any of your connected units quickly and easily using your PC, smartphone, or tablet.

You can check the settings on each unit and adjust them as needed. The Overview screen shows you current cooking cabinet climates and remaining cooking times, so that you can quickly figure out which unit will be free next.

Transfer & Manager Cooking Programmes

With ConnectedCooking, distributing cooking programs is a piece of cake, Just pick out the programs you want to send and the units you want to send them to, and you’re set! When you purchase additional RATIONAL units, you can quickly transfer your personalized settings to your new equipment, so that you can always be sure that every one of your units is set up exactly the way you want it. ConnectedCooking will even automatically adjust your system clocks for daylight savings time.

Software Updates

Keeping your units on the cutting edge of technology is quick and easy. Updates are always provided automatically and at no charge. Just start the update process – the unit will take care of the rest.


The Dashboard allows the ConnectedCooking user to have an overview of all appliances on a single display, which shows their precise online status, HACCP compliance and service status, as well as operating figures on appliance usage, cleaning details and the programs used most often.

Where to Start?

To use ConnectedCooking to link your units, they need to be connected to a network. All SelfCookingCenter® units manufactured 03/2017 or later come equipped with Ethernet ports, so that they can easily be added to your network using a LAN cable or a wireless module.

Registering your units on ConnectedCooking is equally easy – just use your PC, smartphone, or tablet. The units will connect automatically, and then you’ll be ready to go.

To use ConnectedCooking with units manufactured before 03/2017, just have them retrofitted with Ethernet interfaces. In principle, all SelfCookingCenter® and CombiMaster® Plus units are compatible with the ConnectedCooking world

Where do we get involved?

As well as assist with the installation of ConnectedCooking, If you experience any issues with your unit, the system will notify you right away – and ourselves as Your service partner. From your service data readout, we can use it to make quick troubleshooting decisions.

The majority of faults with Rational Ovens occur due to a lack of cleaning, this is something that we can keep a watchful eye on with ConnectedCooking. With ourselves set up as Your Rational Service Partner, we will inform You if Your Rational oven is not being cleaned enough times, thus preventing faults.

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